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Replace® Electrolyte is made by a small family run business owned by partners Terry Hammerschmidt and Joe Brunner.

It all started with the seed of an idea in the 60s while owner and formulator Terry was in the U.S. Army Special Ops. During his time with the special forces, Terry took salt pills to keep hydrated. Unfortunately, they regularly made him sick to his stomach.

Terry wondered if someone could make a better electrolyte replacement that didn't have negative side-effects.

Terry created the first Replace product in the 1970s. His goal was to create a buffered electrolyte supplement that could truly help athletes better than existing products that were full of sweetener and flavored salt water.

This first formula was designed for swimmers and triathletes. Overtime, it was forgotten about only to be revived decades later.

In 2014 Terry's business partner, Joe, saw his son off to Arizona for a baseball tournament in scorching 100 plus degree weather. To help his son, Cooper, cope with dehydration during constant physical exertion in such extreme temperatures, Joe pulled the Replace formula back out of the archive and, with Terry, updated it for the modern athlete.

Cooper finished the tournament with energy to spare, outperforming his teammates and rivals who succumbed to heat exhaustion; vomiting in the unforgiving Arizona sun. Everyone at the tournament wanted to know what his secret was and where they could get it for themselves before the next game!

Today's Replace Electrolyte is a balanced electrolyte supplement lasting for 4-6 hours with no fizzy gimmicks, sugars, flavors, or colorings.*†

Our Sustained Release Technology

Replace tablets are designed to mimic how digestion actually occurs in the stomach to make sure that electrolytes are released and utilized by your body and not urinated out of your system before absorption.

Each Replace tablet is made with a unique vegetable wax matrix technology that provides optimal delivery of electrolytes for exceptional results thanks to its unique vegetable wax matrix. This technology also avoids the need for coatings or capsules that typically contains sugar, starch, artificial colors or other undesirable ingredients.

Our entire manufacturing process, from the receipt of raw materials to the completion of finished tablets, meets strict current Good Manufacturing Practices.
 Plus, no heat, moisture or solvents are used in the process. 

The result is a clean tablet with a uniform, controlled release of electrolytes over 4 - 6 hours.

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